Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Life of a Golf Course Superintendent's Wife...

What is a Golf Course Superintendent, you may ask?  Well, many people mistake the Superintendent as the Golf Pro....not so much!!!

A Golf Course Superintendent is a person who professionally manages the labor, time, materials and financial resources needed to care for the turfgrass and landscaped grounds on a golf course.  A superintendent is concerned with the environmental health of the golf course, the sporting needs of the players and the financial sustainability of the golf club.  They monitor the health of the golf course environment through careful study, diagnosis and treatment of disease and injury to the golf course’s turfgrass fairways, tees and greens areas, as well as bunkers, areas of water hazard, naturalized areas and trees. -Wikipedia

"WOW"...I bet you didn't know all that...did you?  So as the wife of a Golf Course Superintendent, I have to say my husband is amazing at what he does everyday!!  For the past 12 years, Matt has got up early every morning at 5:30 am if not earlier to be at work.  He is long gone by the time I get up, sometimes I never even know he has left except he always kisses me good-bye before he leaves!  He loves his time alone with God in the mornings when the dew is fresh on the greens, the sun is rising and the birds are waking up for the day!  He has half of his work day finished by the time most people get to work! When Matt is not on the golf course assisting his employees, he is in his office catching up on paperwork.  Matt has a passion for this industry and will be in it all his life!  Being a Golf Course Superintendent is a lifestyle, not just a job or a career.  A lifestyle the whole family adapts to...including his wife!

For me...I never see him in the morning even on Sunday, and I always know when it starts to get dusk outside he and Daisy (our yellow lab) will be leaving to go to the golf course to check the irrigation!  Before we had the twins (more to come about the twins soon), I spent many afternoons and weekends on the golf course with Matt.  In Utah, the golf course was a very relaxing place....after a long day at work I would love to go spend time with him....we mixed sand and seed for divot buckets, watered greens, fixed irrigation breaks, fertilized, you name it...I was there by his side!!

Here in New Mexico, when he first started at this golf course we would go out every evening to shoot jack rabbits to decrease the population since they were overtaking the golf course and eating the grass down to nothing.  I have spent many nights helping him while he was in a hole fixing irrigation, organizing his office, or just driving around to check things out.  And of course, I always give my sweet, detail oriented opinion about what I think needs to be done...like weed eating around the trees, flower beds need some attention, tree limb down.  Oh, and asking him silly questions like,"Why did you cut down all the cat tails around the pond?"  And of course, Matt always says, "It's on my list, we will get to it when we can and don't worry yourself with those silly cat tails!" Some days I feel like I never see my husband and then other days since we live on the golf course I see him alot.  After all these years, I too live the lifestyle of a Golf Course Superintendent as his wife!  So even though Matt and I don't spend as much time on the golf course together like the old days....our nightly trips to the golf course have became a family affair!

Vintage Momma

Friday, August 26, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Throughout our journey we have lived in several different states, climates, and altitudes...and in a house we called HOME!! I never lived in a house that was a mansion, or a house that I built, or a house I dreamed about as a child, but I do live in a house full of LOVE!! Today, I am going to take you on a journey of the houses we have called HOME!!

I grew up in a small rural town in New Mexico.....My Mom, Dad and I moved into to a newly built house in 1976, three years after I was born. It was a very beautiful home with a large front and back yard. My Dad planted two trees in the front yard and too many to count in the back yard...he also had immaculate grass(my Mom still says to this day, that my Dad was very proud of his grass and would not let anyone walk on it). After my Dad passed away in 1985, we built on to our house adding a den and fireplace and an upstairs bedroom and bath for my Mom...this allowed my sister and I to have our own rooms! Our house was across the street from the High School football practice field...my friends and I spent many days watching the the young football players from our window, sometimes using our binoculars. So many wonderful memories of this house. I was so lucky as a child to grew up in the same house and never have to move from house to house! This is the house that built me....

Glorieta Baptist Conference Center....while I was working as a nurse at the First Aid Station I also lived in a very small efficiency apartment on campus. Certainly not the house I had dreamed of as a child. This was my first experience of living and working at the same place, the beginning of many actually!! Some days I never even left the campus as I had no need to go anywhere...not even to do laundry as there was a washateria right on campus!! After falling head over heals with a summer staffer at Glorieta, now my husband Matt...he did all my laundry as a love token!! He is so sweet!!

Our journey took us to the Panhandle of Texas...to a 90 thousand acre ranch to work as ranch caretakers. Our house was right next to the "BIG" house, a stones throw away. This house was a cute house...small of course and it didn't have a kitchen. We cooked all the meals on the ranch so we ate what we cooked for the family...in the "BIG" house kitchen standing up not dareing to sit to enjoy a meal. This was a very interesting experience for Matt and I, we spent the first year of our marriage with each other 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and I wouldn't change that for anything!! There again we lived and worked at the same place, often getting cabin fever!! We had a great adventure living on this ranch!

A house is a house is a house...in this small oil town in West Texas not much to choose from. Matt and I rented a duplex in the heart of town while he went back to college. This was really our first home since we got married, we were able to decorate and use all our kitchen items we received at our wedding shower. This house was just that... an older, cozy house serving a purpose while Matt was in school!

A long journey to our next house....in Utah County! Our house in Utah was a cute, two story two bedroom townhouse! We made this our home for 5 years...the longest we have lived in a house thus far, well...maybe! My love for decorating exploded to levels I didn't even know I had living in this adorable house! Utah has some of the cutest little shops filled with home deco...oh, how I miss those great shops! Looking out our upstairs bedroom window, we had a gorgeous view of Mt Timpanogos....snow covered most of the time and breath taking! The beautiful landscape and scenery sure does beat anywhere we have lived and that is for SURE!!

In the White Mountains of Arizona...Our house was a beautiful log cabin in the secluded Apache National Forest at an all inclusive luxury guest ranch.  I would have never dreamed of living in log cabin, but we made this house our home for a short time! It was very nice, but very cozy at times! Our house was included in my salary, so there again Matt and I found ourselves living and working at the same place. Matt worked in town at a golf course so he had a short drive each day as I rarely left the ranch for weeks at a time....now talk about cabin fever, it was for real here! We loved living deep in the mountains amongst all the wildlife, we often saw elk grazing next to our cabin, and wild turkeys in the meadow. This was an experience we will never forget!

Our journey led us back to New Mexico where the dust and tumbleweeds blow every day! Our house, not your common neighborhood home....nope, we live in a very small house on a city park by the golf course. I could have said....we live in a beautiful home on the golf course and you would have thought, "Wow", that sounds really great. Well, this is a house built in the 1960's for the Park Ranger when this park was a State Park, now the City owns the house and we live here so Matt is close to the golf course for work. Once again...we live and work at the same place.  As strange as it might sound this house is our HOME, and it will be until God has another plan for us!

I truly believe it is not what your house looks like on the outside, but what makes your house a HOME on the inside! Some day we will have that beautiful house we always dreamed of and we will be able to call it Home Sweet Home!!

Vintage Momma

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Welcome to My Blog...

Vintage Momma and Her Twins blog is my way of sharing our incredible life story and the long journey that brought us to TODAY! I will share with you the love I have for my wonderful husband and where God has led us throughout our lives together. My struggle with PCOS and infertility, and praying each day we would be blessed with a child. My love for decorating our home with unusual vintage finds, designing and decorating our Twins' nursery on a budget. Crafting projects and cooking great family recipes when I have extra time in my day. And most of all....life with my Twins!

Vintage Momma