Husband and Wife

Husband and Wife
It was in that moment at the First Aid Station I knew I would marry him...and I did!!!!
Matt and I have shared a long journey together in our 14 years...we worked as ranch caretakers our first year of our marriage for multi-millionaires in the Panhandle of Texas. Matt decided to return to college to pursue a degree in Golf Course Operations so we moved to a small oil town in West Texas while he attended college. I worked as a part-time nurse and a part-time substitute teacher while he finished his degree...let's just say we lived on "love and credit cards"! Oh goodness, Utah...that is so far away from our families! Matt got his first golf course job as a Grounds Foreman at a resort golf course and soon worked his way up to the Golf Course Superintendent! While we lived in Utah, I changed careers and became a successful business woman. Matt and I were very focused in our careers and worked very long hours, and found ourselves enjoying life with each other. We dreamed of a day that we would have children, but we felt like we needed to grow as a married couple before we had a family. 

Unforeseen circumstances accorded while we were in Utah, Matt's boss was killed in a small engine aircraft...which caused Matt to have to find another position. This was a very hard time for us...we loved Utah, we loved our careers, but after living there for five years God had another plan for us. We relocated to the White Mountains of Arizona, to a small mountain town. Matt worked as the Golf Course Superintendent of a newly renovated golf course and I worked at an all-inclusive luxury guest ranch. Shortly after we moved we decided that we would like to start a family! Our lives became very unstable as we both took a pay cut from Utah and we soon found ourselves drowning financially! The company Matt worked for started bouncing payroll checks and he could not work for a company that could not pay we quickly began the search for another golf course position. 

Once again, we felt God working in our lives...after living in Arizona for a year Matt was hired as the Golf Course Superintendent at a golf course in an oil boom town in Southeastern New Mexico. Stress and finances really took a toll on both of us, but we made it through this journey praying that God would bless us with a child soon. I went back to my nursing career and worked as a Nurse Recruiter, I was promoted to Office Director after being there for several years. Matt was feeling very secure in his career, and I felt very stressed and developed high blood pressure and severe chest pain while trying to keep our office afloat. Soon after we moved to New Mexico and being off birth control for a more than a year and not getting pregnant I knew I had to seek additional medical advice. I was diagnosed with PCOS, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome...this was the cause for my infertility. I became very educated about PCOS, and I had ever sign and symptom. One of the symptoms is anovulation, not releasing an egg to become fertilized. My Dr. prescribed Clomid, and monthly ovulation test as well as monthly blood draws....this went on for several years with no response to the clomid treatment. My Dr. explained to me that with PCOS, I might never conceive a child. I was devastated, and was like most women that are so desperate to have children very discouraged! I was then prescribed Glucoghage and Clomid to see if the combination would work....I was on the highest amount of Glucoghage a patient could take and was increasing my Clomid every month. After a year on Glucogphage I lost 40 lbs and started to ovulate and have regular cycles. Still not pregnant, spending money on ovulation test and pregnancy test and getting no results my husband and I felt that having children was not in God's plan. 

We started the adoption process, looking into our options...we would love to have a child and if this was the way for us to have a family we were willing to adopt, foster or whatever God wanted us to do! Financially, the adoption option was not feasible for us. My career was very stressful, and very unstable due to the economy....I lost my job in November 2009. I was very upset, because I had never lost a job in my working what do I do? I enjoyed the holidays with our families, and did not worry about what was next....just enjoyed going to bible studies, having lunch with friends and slowing down and enjoying life for once without a job. One night in February 2010, I was about to start another round of fertility treatment and I needed to take a pregnancy test before I started the after washing dishes that night about 9:30 before I took a shower I took a pregnancy test. Matt and I changed the sheets on the bed, I actually forgot about the test lying on the cabinet and Matt went into the bathroom and said...”.I don't think this looks right"! I looked at the test and there were two lines.....I read the instructions and two lines visible is a positive pregnancy test!!!! I said, "Hot Damn", I think I am pregnant!!!!! "Let's go to Wal-Mart and get another test....NOW"!! 

So we went late that night and bought the most expensive brand and took another test when we got home...PREGNANT!!! Tears of joy ran down our faces, and unbelievable shock set in.....
A new journey has just begun.....