Thursday, February 9, 2012

{ Featured on Wives of Turf }

I am so honored to have the opportunity to be a guest blogger on Wives of Turf website and blog today. Wives of Turf is an online community for the wives of men in the turf industry. So since my husband Matt is a golf course superintendent it seems fitting to be involved with an organization such as this! It is always good to find others living the turf lifestyle. I can't wait to meet other wives of turf in Las Vegas at the Golf Industry Show later this month!! Thank you Wives of Turf for this great opportunity to share alittle about this turf family!!

Monday, February 6, 2012

{What a trip....flying with our Twins!!}

Plane tickets bought, read all the instructions from the airline and TSA regarding flying with children under the age of two and also educated myself on what to bring from other traveling moms on the internet! Wow...can I just first say, our trip from New Mexico to Georgia was flawless! Our twins were absolutely amazing little children, of course we had the usual crankiness of being tired and hungry but for the most part it was a very pleasurable trip! 

We had decided to fly from our small town regional airport using a commercial commuter jet to avoid having to travel two hours to the closest airport. Knowing our airport is small, I thought I should call a few days ahead just to ask last minute details of flying with the twins. They were very helpful on the phone, giving me great advice after talking with them I felt very comfortable flying with the twins! Just to give you a visual of our travel madness...

One large brown suitcase weighing 50lbs {the max weight}
One large red suitcase weighing 50lbs {the max weight}
One small red suitcase weighing 30lbs 
Two carseats in black carseat travel bags
One umbrella stroller in a blue travel bag
Two brown large backpacks {heavy and filled to the rim}....carried on the plane
One brown diaper bag {filled with a ton of diapers, wipes, and miscellaneous items}...carried on the plane
One small brown bag....carried on the plane
and us....Vintage Momma, Daddy, and our Twins!!!!!

I knew when we arrived to our local regional airport and I pushed the twins in the the stroller out of the freezing cold air into the building and the ticket agent said..."Are you the Hughes'...we have been waiting for you?".... we were in trouble!  We were actually there an hour and a half before our flight, they were just waiting on us because they were prepared for our travel madness.  The airline was very accommodating, the station manger and another employee went and helped my husband unpack the car and carry all our luggage and carseats into the terminal...seriously, who does that anymore! It was amazing!! Going through security was not fun, not fun at all...and of course I had everything in a zip-lock bag very organized for the TSA agent to see....but after it was all said and done everything was a huge disarray!!! They ask me how long our flight was to our destination...well goodness, I don't know {holding a wiggle worm in my arms}...she was implying I had packed to much food and liquid for the twins. I was just being the over prepared momma, stressed out about the chances of being stuck out on the tarmac for hours with no food or drinks for my babies. {After carrying all that, I soon realized I had really went over board on packing}.  I had preassigned our seats when booking the flight online, not knowing that we needed to sit in a row with five oxygen masks so on this size of aircraft we had to sit in the very back of the plane next to the bathroom. Now Matt and I are not little people, but I swear those planes were made for midgets and certainly not made for bigger people to sit and hold 15 month old twins....needless to say we were packed in there tight!! And then all our bags and STUFF on top of that it was pure craziness!!!

Our layover in Houston was just long enough for us to grab a bite to eat, find a family bathroom and change the twins, and change our seats for the next flight.  It amazes me...walking through the airport, or sitting at your gate waiting to board, all the dirty looks people give you...."Like are you really flying with your children...oh, goodness I sure hope they don't sit next to me."  It is just sad to me that people react the way they do these days!! The flight from Houston to Atlanta was about a 2 hour flight and the twins both slept most of the way there...very peaceful flight! I will also say that no one is willing to help you with your bags or hold your bag as you are obviously struggling with trying to hold a child, put a backpack on your bag{which was a total is a must have}, and carry another bag in the other hand...not to mention Matt was in the same boat as I was so we couldn't really help each other when these awkward moments happened!! All and all our first experience flying with the twins was great, and will definitely fly with them again....actually very soon! My husband, Matt has a golf course superintendent national conference in Las Vegas, Nevada in a few weeks and the whole family is going!  I promise I will pack less for this trip than last...I learned my lesson not to pack the whole house! 

Vintage Momma

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

"Where have you been?"

"Where have you may ask?" 

Vintage Momma and Her Twins have been around the world and back since the last post {well, not really but it sure feels like it}...Acworth, Georgia for Christmas and Kerrville, Texas for New Years! We had such a great time sharing the twins' second Christmas in Georgia with MeeMaw and Papa Jones and Auntie Shelly.

 We were gone for a week, flew home on Wednesday night and on the road to Kerrville, Texas on Friday morning to spend New Years with Matt's parents, brother and sister-in-law! Now, for some of you that travel often and live out of suitcase for several weeks it might not be an issue for you to be gone away from home so long...but add 15 month old twins to the mix and it can be challenging at times! 

 We were all glad to be home, the twins felt like they had all new toys since they hadn't played with them in a few weeks, it was nice to sleep in our own beds, and very exciting to see Daisy, our yellow lab since she had to stay in the kennel while we were gone. Even though, we were happy to be home and back in our own routine....what a chore it has been for me to get our house back to normal...laundry everywhere, suitcases half unpacked {still needing to be put away}, and a house in pure disarray! For this neat freak momma...It has been really hard getting us back to normal or  "normal" as we like to call it!! 

Shortly after returning home from the holidays, I started a new business venture {more details to come} that has taken alot of my extra if I had extra time on my hands! So as you can it is the first day of February and I just haven't had the time to sit down and put my thoughts into writing a blog post! I am so excited for what this new year has in store for Vintage Momma and Her Twins.  It is all very exciting and I can't wait to share with all my readers my new business is something I have dreamed of and maybe my dreams are really coming true!! Well, I hope you missed us while we were gone...until next time...."bye, bye"!

Vintage Momma