Wednesday, September 7, 2011

{Guest Post}....My Sister's Story of the Twins' Birth

My sister Shelly shares her story of the twins' birth...emotions, love, and happiness filled my sister's heart when the twins were born. Forever changing her life and bringing us even closer as sisters! I hope you enjoy her story of that special day!    ~ Vintage Momma

The date had been set for the birth of the twins, and my plane ticket was bought… now can Kristy make it to that day!!  I flew out after work on Tuesday night, Matt’s parents picked me up at the airport and we made the 2 hour drive to my sister’s.  Got there late around 1 a.m. and we had to be at the hospital really early.  I don’t think we slept at all!!  Kristy and I showered, got ready (laughing that we were both wearing black leggings) and Matt packed the car.  We were all so excited we couldn’t stand it! Took the short drive to the hospital and got checked in.  Kristy was scheduled to be the first
C-section of the day.  Soon after getting settled in the nurse informed us that there were a lot of babies being born and that we would probably have to wait till 10:00 a.m. before they took her back to start.

Matt’s parents arrived at the hospital and soon after my Uncle Stan and Aunt Nina; we just patiently waited for them to take Kristy back.  Finally a little before 10 it was time, they wheeled Kristy down the hall and Matt followed. The rest of us had to wait in the waiting room for what seemed like an eternity!  We were getting a little antsy after an hour and half had past, started asking the nurses and they told us about how when a baby is born a little lullaby song is played over the intercom.  By this time we were all standing in the hallway, we heard one lullaby and waited to hear the second one…it didn’t come.  I was thinking the worst and tears filled my eyes, just praying for the twins and for my sister. Finally, heard it and we realized that Matt and the twins were already in the nursery, they had the blinds closed but we could barely peek through and see them.  Kristy was in the operating room, but I called my mom and told her the babies were here!!!! It was taking a long time for Kristy to get out of surgery and not knowing what was going on with her, which at that time I am happy I didn’t know because I would have been a wreck!!  So very thankful that she made it out of surgery and had two healthy babies!!! 

 My sister was pretty out of it after surgery so she needed to rest.  It was already planned I would stay at the hospital the whole time she was there; I didn’t want to miss a second of the twins.  So the first night I stayed with my sister.  The nurses took the babies to the nursery for just a little bit, but after that it was all on us!  By the end of the morning I was saying “just have to feed them, change them, and love them!!”

On Thursday they moved Kristy to a different room, we had visitors and the twins stayed in the room with us all day.  Thursday night Matt stayed with us and both of us took turns changing and feeding the babies, Matt and I were such a great team!  We tried to let Kristy get some rest, but she never did go to sleep. We all had a long night!  On Friday my mom and Stanley arrived, and it gave Matt and I a break to go take a short nap, this was the only time I left the hospital, I even showered at the hospital!

Friday night was my last night to be there and I held the twins in my arms all night long drifting in and out, but mostly just wanting to hold on to the precious moments before I had to go home.


On Saturday I packed my things, took a shower and Matt’s parents and I left for the airport.  I cried all the way home! The entire experience of all of us being together bonded us in such a way that I can’t even begin to put into words.  I never knew that I would feel the way I do about the twins, they mean the world to me and have changed my life forever.  I can’t wait till they can say “Auntie Shelly”!!

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  1. Okay ... you girls are killing me. Shelly this brings back memories of the first time I met Cohen DeLynn. Each and everytime I had to leave her I cried & still do! Nieces and nephews are so precious, such a gift!!! What a great story!!