Wednesday, December 7, 2011

"Let It Snow, Let It Snow"

 {Snow Day}

It doesn't snow very often in New Mexico where we live, actually our twins have only seen it rain and snow twice since they were I just couldn't resist this awesome photo shoot opportunity with the the SNOW!!! Some of you can relate, we live where the sun shines almost 365 days a year, warm even in the winter and we have been in a severe drought for many the real need for heavy coats, scarves, gloves and a hoodie just doesn't make much sense to have that kind of winter gear on hand if we might or might not need it!  Not to mention how fast they out grow their of course if we lived in Utah or the mountains of Arizona again we would need to buy the twins' that fabulous winter gear! But still worried about them getting cold and regretting not having the "perfect" winter gear...

Outside dressed in layers we went to capture a few good shots in the red wagon in the snow! I am sure they were cold, actually freezing but we were only out there for less than five minutes! They thought it was so funny, they laughed and even wanted to eat the snow ball Daddy gave them to hold!! The expressions on their little faces are worth a thousand words, they both are so precious!!

The snow photos turned out was so worth getting cold to make memories we will cherish forever!! Just a little part of the journey of our life story....

Vintage Momma


  1. Love the photos! I wish I would have thought to do something like that when my boys were little.

  2. omg those poor babies!! They look so cold!! I hope they feel the same way about these pictures as you do when they get older!

    I would be so mad at my mom for dragging me out in the snow without proper winter clothes just for pictures!!

    1. Xera...

      I love new readers to my blog, however your comment truly saddened me. Just capturing a cherished moment for my twins' childhood memories! I pray they would never regret their momma taking pictures of them in the beautiful snow! I do hope you find my blog enjoyable while I share our life's journey!

      Thank you....
      Vintage Momma