Monday, November 14, 2011

Birthday Traditions....for Vintage Momma

Vintage Momma's Birthday....just another "day in paradise"! I am sure most mommas can agree that after having children, your birthday is "just another day"...atleast that is the case for me anyways! I want to share two very special traditions I have on my birthday!! Most people have traditions at Thanksgiving, and at Christmas but not's on my birthday!!! "Yippee" is always such a surprise.

Since October 1999...for 12 years now, my sister Shelly and I pass back and forth a card she sent me on my birthday. It reads...Sister, Wishing you a perfect day, a perfect year...perfect hair!  Happy Birthday  You just have to know me to understand the funny part about this card....PERFECT HAIR!! I am a big hair girl, always have been, and always will be! Using a toothbrush {years ago by the way, not now} to rat my hair up, and extra, extra mom would always yell at me on our way out of the house, "Just one more squirt"! Fun times, Fun times!!

This card is full of, happiness, sadness that we couldn't be together, but most of all our love for each other! She is my best friend...she is my sister! Seriously, this card has been to Texas, Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico...not much more blank space to write on this card. This card has been misplaced, found and misplaced again but some how this card has been sent back and forth not missing a birthday yet!!

Last year on my birthday my wonderful husband Matt bought me a gift, he said was from the twins {the twins were less than two weeks old} so you know they had no idea what they getting their momma. It was a EZ Cracker...Egg Cracker/Separator {as seen on tv}!! It is still in the box never, never been opened!!

This year again my wonderful husband Matt bought me a gift and of course it was from the twins. It was a Perfect Meatloaf Pan Set {as seen on tv}'s been a month since my birthday and it is also still in the box! I laughed so hard, when I opened my gift...seriously another cheesy gift!! I love my husband's always makes life fun! I do think I will use it...we love meatloaf!

So from now is just a funny tradition to get me a crazy, funny {as seen on tv} cheesy gift for my birthday!! I can't wait until the twins are old enough to go with their daddy to buy my birthday just never know what might be next!! I love it....making memories along our life journey! Don't forget to make memories along your life journey...

Vintage Momma

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  1. I love our birthday card tradition!! I couldn't ask for a better sister or a best friend-Love you!!!